Hemato Oncology Critical Care

Anemic Heart Failure, Hus/Ttp, Neutropenic Sepsis, Tumor Lysis Syndrome, Perichemotheraphy Care.

Overview - Hemato Oncology Critical Care

Patient with hematological disorders can present with neutropenia, sepsis, may require ICU isolation and neutropenic care.

Patient on chemotherapy may have complications like tumor lysis syndrome, sepsis etc.

More about Hemato Onco Critical Care

Hematological Malignancies – ALL, AML, CML, CLL.

Non-haematological Malignancies – may present with post chemotherapy complication like tumor lysis syndrome.

Hematological malignancy patient when had blast crisis requires immediate ICU admission and resuscitation.

FAQs & Info

ITP is an autoimmune disorder. TTP is a thrombotic disorder.
Infection in immunocompromised patient is very serious, can led to life threatening complications.

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